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We love great food, great people, and our great community!

Beachin' Eats was started by two South Alabama guys who love good food and good people! David Buster and Jerr McCutchen have worked in and out of restaurants for more than 30 years combined, which is pretty impressive considering they are both barely into their 30's. As a team of self-proclaimed foodies, we know how to do it right! By incorporating fresh, local, and sometimes unusual ingredients, we are able to develop layers of flavor and texture. 


Our goal is to become an integrated member of the community! We look forward to partnering with local organizations to build relationships and get involved with community events. With all the wildlife that lives in our coastal community, Beachin' Eats strives to only utilize environmentally friendly paper products, which completely break down into the eco-system. By reducing the impact of litter into our area, we aim to be an example for those who follow in our steps.


So come on by, and give our grub a try! We think you'll agree that our eats are Beachin'!   

It's what's on the inside that counts
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